WP Content is the best place to share articles and news from the WordPress world.

When managewp.org shut down in June 2020, we saw the need for a community-driven WordPress news site. A site where anyone can sign up, submit articles, and upvote their favorite content.

Who’s Behind WP Content

WP Content is run by two developers who are passionate about the WordPress community.

Ashley Rich

Ashley is a software developer based in England. He’s the co-founder of DeploymentHawk, the all-in-one site deployment monitoring tool, and regularly writes about sysadmin and server management.

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Iain Poulson

Iain is product manager and developer based on the south coast of England. He works with Delicious Brains, chats about WordPress on the Pressing Matters podcast, and develops plugins like Intagrate and WP User Manager.

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